spyrno said: i noticed people being kinda rude & obnoxious to you so i thought i'd update on talking to my boss about my gender because he was SUPER cool about it!! he asked me about my gender without getting invasive & treated it p well. even though this is kinda random i thought maybe some good news would make you feel better (since you mentioned how all the messages were making your mood drop)

Aww that makes me so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so glad it went well!!!!!

that did cheer me up. Plus frozen yogurt + dateline Nbc. ahah

fvllbuster said: Hey Kat! I love the videos you make and I find them really informative. I just wanted to say that when referring to people with disabilities, it may be better to use people first language. As in putting the person before their disability. Eg, "Person with x disability" as opposed to "x disabled person". I've just had this drilled into me at uni and wanted to pass it along.

Ah interesting! Thank you for telling me this. That makes total sense. Thank you!

unkillabledownrodeo said: I'm living for your comments on Miles Jai's "Ancient Egyptian Style Makeup" video.

lol. Thank you. That person slaid me so fiercely.

I cannot handle white people pretending to be black people to make a point it really puts me through it. I dont’ know any black person that would refer to black people as “the blacks”.

fifithatchickoverthere said: You've probably gotten many of these but, as someone who is disabled (severe scoliosis and fibromyalgia) labeling "lame" and ableist slur is laughable. I'm sorry. That's such a reach. And, to compare it to the N-Word. No. Just. No. And, to make matters worse, it's usually people who aren't disabled preaching to others. Hell, I make crippled jokes all the time. When I have to use my cane, I call it my crip walk. People really need to chill the fuck out with that "this is a slur" bs.

Yeah, my mom who’s really disabled due to illness is always joking about “being a cripple”

Now I know that’s her prerogative and I would never make that joke and m little brother does from time to time and I always side eye him. Like i KNOW some people are going to be offended by these things and I totally get that but i know a lot of disabled people who really don’t get thisssss upset about these words.

And i have gotten a lot of messages like this. Interestingly enough none of them want me to publish them.

scaryeyedkid said: What are your thoughts on Laci Green's youtube? She deals with sex ed primarily but on two occasions has touched on trans topics. One of which is a high level overview of what it means for some to not identify with assigned sex. The other is with a another youtuber who gives his experience only on transitioning. My partner is planning on using these to help explain his transition to his parents. Do you find these to be decent starter videos to help educate others on transitioning?

I honestly haven’t gotten into Laci as much as I’d like to. I’ve HEARD she’s been problematic but I love all of what i’ve seen. I pretty much only watch transgender youtubers, but i’m trying to branch out  and I’m glad I have. 

there are a ton of transition blogs on youtube and I think that’s the best way to start. You can litereally watch someone transition.

theymightbegiantsquids said: As someone who has mental illnesses, from my experience most of these people who freak out over words like dumb, stupid, etc are neurotypical people who want brownie points from sj circles. If they actually cared about disabled people, they would listen to us instead of talk over us, and realize that there are far more pressing issues facing us then whether someone is calling some bigot dumb or not. Of course fixing those actually requires effort, while yelling at people about a word doesn't.

And at the end of the day I’m not anyone’s enemy. There are a lot of things I am ignorant about and I’m always open to being educated, but there are certain situations where I feel like people really are missing the general point. 

I’m not at all a fan of people saying “words are just words” because words can totally hurt people, but at the same time it’s like… there are so many larger things to discuss here and I’m like the last person you should be yelling at over this particular issue. 

sweetmillk said: The n word has the same negative context as the word lame? I think that's going a little overboard. They're not even comparable...... like at all..

yeah, but like I said I’m not going to read anyone on that. They’re hurt, I’m going to respect that and just overlook the blatant underlying erasure and perhaps racism of that insinuation. 

holydeathmar said: Really not impressed w/who compared white folks saying the n word to words that are ableist. As it's been stated multiple times before, ableism goes beyond using words like stupid, dumb, lame etc on the internet. I don't see an argument for l*me and have since left it out of my lexicon as I can see why it IS problematic, but lets not make that comparison ever again *glares*. I can expand on why I think ableism goes beyond words if anyone is curious however w/racial slurs, it does start w/words.

One of my biggest pet peeves is how often people will use my race against me in situations like this. Whenever someone’s trying to make a point about something they’ll always refer to the n word or something relating to my race as a sort of ‘ah-ha” gotcha moment. It’s really actually quite annoying and I’m avoiding going in on that. 

I can certainly make an effort to omit certain words from my lexicon, but I’m gonna be real and say that because of the nature of the conversations i often have I highly highly doubt that i’ll ever say something that isn’t seen as ableist to someone in some way shape or form. I call people jerks and douchebags all the time. Apparently these are ableist slurs. that’s why i’m saying just unsubscribe/unfollow. I’m bound to offend someone so just save us both the pain. 

ryanflesch said: When you said MS, did you meant Multiple Sclerosis? If yes, search for vitamin D! I have MS and my fatigue was so huge I was almost going to a wheelchair! I started the treatment in the first day of this year, and in one month my life was normal again! All my symptons, including the fatigue, were gone! I can't recomend any doc cause I live in Brazil, but I'm treating with Dr. Cícero that is leading for almost 15 years a research proving that all his patiences are almost cured with the D!

My mom has really really bad MS. I don’t know what she’s taking but she’s very into Vitamins and I know she takes vitamin D. When I was living with her, I often had to help her in and out of rooms and was always the one that helped push her when we went places. It’s been really hard to see my mom deteriorate. She’s a really powerful woman (harvard grad from a military family) and it’s been hard to watch her become helpless in a lot of ways. She never wants to admit it or acknowledge it which I admire in a way. She tries not to let it get her down. Sometimes i feel like i’m more upset about it than she is. I”m glad it hasn’t ruined her spirit. 

She’s had a lot of treatments and her condition in ways has gotten better, but it doesn’t look like it’ll ever be fully there.  :(

spookinfrooti said: actual neurodivergent and disabled person here, and i gotta say, it *is* a fucking reach. and, tbh, the people who i see the most pushing this kinda forced linguistic shift are allistic abled-body people who only care about looking good on the internet and not about actual neurodivergent/disabled folks. if anyone were to tell me i was ableist for using some of these words people say are slurs i would laugh and show them the fucking door. like, bye, child, don't let my cane hit you on the way out

It’s interesting because i’ve actually gotten a couple of messages like this from people who are disabled. 

Am I probably gonna be more careful about when i use words that are apparently ableist slurs? Sure and there’s already a bunch that I’ve omitted from my lexicon. But i’ll most likely slip up and use these words still occasionally as (and i’m not sure how any one could have missed this) I dedicate a fair amount of time to calling out people who say really silly things about certain groups of people. 

People who are just now following me probably don’t even realize how much my channel has changed even in the past month or so. I cus a lot less etc etc  and in a lot of ways that’s hard for me. In other ways not so much. 

I completely understand how people can be offended by these terms but I also feel like really ommitting every possibly ableist thing i say (someone apparently things jerk is an ableist slur? Like that I REALLY don’t get.) my way of speaking literally will never be casual. 

I’m positive there’s terms used in this post alone that by someone are considered offensive. Hell, I know a lot of people who don’t like the term “disabled”.